The current job market shows it very clearly: The war for talent is in full swing. Certain industries suffer from a lack of well-trained and experienced executives and specialists. Hence one may say that already today – and all the more so in future – a significant factor for a company’s success is the attraction and retention of such employees.

However, a company’s staff requirements should not only be determined by snapshot analysis. Rather, it is important to also consider the company’s strategic business plans and goals within in the recruiting process.

    The following questions need to be addressed:
  • How is the company positioned today?
  • Where does it want to be in 2-3 years and which challenges will it face?
  • Which special capabilities and competencies are required from its staff not only today but in the future?
  • How does the company attract such staff and how can they be retained?

Strategic Recruitment is one of Management One’s core competencies. Not only do we search for the best executives or specialists for our clients but we also make sure they fit within our clients’ strategic planning.

    And this is how we do it …
  • Intensive briefing with the client regarding goals and the company’s strategic orientation
  • Dialogue with the client regarding the optimal profile, qualification, capabilities and experience of the wanted candidate
  • Development of a client-specific search strategy
  • Research and identification of potential candidates
  • Approaching and pre-qualification of candidates
  • Personal interiews with the candidates
  • Presentation of suitable candidates
  • Personal assistance until contract is signed
  • Debriefing with candidate and client

We support you in the strategic acquisition and development of human capital, so you have the innovation and productivity required to allow you to be a dominant force within your industry.