A qualified and active supervisory or advisory board increases the economic success of an enterprise.

Corporate Governance – by way of supervisory and advisory boards – is not only good for large corporate companies but also very beneficial for privately held small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Managers and entrepreneurs especially value the board members’ high degree of attachment to the enterprise, their long-term engagement and broad experience. This is why small and medium-sized enterprises employ such bodies increasingly often: According to a study by the Institute for SME Research in Bonn, Germany, nearly 45% of all SMEs consulted their advisory or respectively supervisory boards in matters of strategic importance to their business.

    And these are our services:
  • Consultancy in design and staffing of supervisory and advisory boards (national and international)
  • Consultancy in the consequent implementation of Corporate Governance guidelines and committee work
  • Consultancy in the design and staffing of committees of the supervisory or advisory board (national and international)

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